Sunday, October 28, 2007


Vfone- Fixed Wireless Access Network
Using CDMA2000 1X technology, we already have built-up capacity of 2.6M covering over 10,000 urban, suburban and rural villages. The network is already enabled for voice, dialup-internet access (115kbps) and EVDO Broadband (374Kbps+) services that will be launched in 4Q-2007.

Value Added Services

Identify your caller with the caller line identification free of cost. Name/Number shall be displayed on your V PTCL wireless phone screen

Wireless Internet
You can use PTCL V wireless phone to connect to the internet and enjoy a world of information and entertainment at rate as low as Rs.5/per hour (2000 hr to 0800hr)

Enjoy the facility of Free SMS to any Ufone, Mobilink, V PTCL wireless phone and PTCL landline.

Call Waiting
Customer during conversation can hear a beep indicating that another call is coming. The new incoming call can be attended by putting the present call on hold.

Call Transfer
A customer with this facility can transfer his/her calls to another predefined desired number. Calls can be transferred immediately, on Busy tone or on No Reply.

Phone Book
Save all your important numbers with ease. A phone book that keeps you in touch with your friends and family.

Missed Call Alert
Calls on No Reply are forwarded to Miss-call-notification-system, which sends a short message (Missed Call Alert) to the subscriber. Caller is informed through an announcement of No Reply and Short Message being sent to the subscriber.

Set Charges – Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)



Total Package Price

Rs. 2,000


Rs. 2,000


Vfone Connection Free
Reconnection charges Free
Outgoing calls On net ( Local) Rs.0.99/min
Outgoing calls Off net (local) Rs.0.99/min
Outgoing calls On net (NWD) Rs.1.50/min
Outgoing calls Off net (NWD) Rs.1.50/min
Vfone to mobile Rs.2.00/min
SMS Free
Internet Rs.5/hour

International Call Rates

For International rates, please click here.

Pre-Paid Scratch Cards

Vfone Pre-paid cards are available at Vfone Sales & Service Centers, PTCL Customer
Service Centers or PTCL exchanges and retail shops, in three denominations:

Card Denominations

Rs. 300

Rs. 500

Rs. 1,000

Electronic Vouchers

An easy alternative to scratch cards
PTCL Vfone (V-Wireless), the front-runner wireless service provider in Pakistan, continuously strives to provide state-of-the-art and convenient solutions to its customers.

Now introducing ‘V’ voucher, it invites all V-subscribers to easily recharge their V-connections simply by getting a recharge voucher of their preferred denomination from a selected dealer. You would now enjoy greater choice: recharging either through scratch cards or electronically via V Voucher available at all e-pay ,A2Z and PASPort dealers’ outlets.

V electronic voucher PINs are available to subscribers on payment of cash for the required denomination offered for V scratch cards (Rs.300, 500 or 1000) anytime anywhere for instant top up through state of the art terminals.